Yves Saint Laurent

Yves Saint Laurent’s beautiful Sac Du Jour is a bag I would love to own. It’s really gorgeous.


Anyway, I’ve had a go at trying to make my own version.


The most complicated bag I’ve made to date.



The bag fully open showing the polyester jacquard two-tone lining


Below is a close up of the zip pulls. I added interwoven pineapple knots to co-ordinate .


Its finish is let down by my not being able to sew neat edge stitching through all the layers with my machine.  So the edges are looking a bit soft. And there are a few areas I’m not completely happy with – I am my harshest critic – but overall I am pleased with it. It feels lovely in the hand and I love how the side fastenings work so smoothly. The feel and the sound when you put it on the table are lush. I so wish I could have a real YSL Sac Du Jour.

Fabrics: 225g weight cream faux suede Blue/taupe polyester jacquard two-tone lining

Notions: Medium weight iron on interfacing. Vilene Decovil 1. Guttermann Sew All polyester thread for the bag and Top Stitch thread for the zip pulls. Gold tone hardware and zip from Etsy and Ebay.  Rivets from Identity Store. I can’t remember where I got the plastic tubing for the bag handles.

I learned: How to make rolled handles I’m sort of happy with. How to rivet. Not to make this bag again. LOL!


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