Cara Delevingne Backpack

My version of Mulberry’s beautiful Cara Delevingne Backpack in denim blue faux suede with antique brass hardware.

I’d love to have the £800+ to buy the real thing but it’s never going to happen. I’ve never even seen one for real. I made mine for about £50 and from pictures from the Internet.

The photos have been taken about a month or so after I’ve been using it for work and it’s become a favourite to use. The size is perfect, it handles weight well and is comfortable. It’s also had a LOT of compliments. 😀

Just wish I could take decent piccies. 😛


My version of Mulberry’s Cara Delevingne backpack in faux suede – front


It’s the first one I’ve made and there are things I will do differently for my next one.

My little domestic sewing machine simply will not sew happily through too many layers and I’ve just had it serviced so I was wary about sewing the back handle through the flap and back of the bag. Or really knowing stress points, would it have been OK to just sew the handles to the flap. As it turns out, in future I will not worry about shaping the back of the flap and will sew the straps onto the flap like the real thing but will reinforce to the bag body by hand. I will also set the flap so it sits a little bit further down on both sides of the bag.


My version of Mulberry’s Cara Delevingne backpack in faux suede – back

I have yet to find a way of making fabric rolled handles that I am happy with. I can’t stand the wrinkles, so I made my bag with flat handles which have been just fine and I’m happy with all my bags from this pattern being made with flat handles.


My version of Mulberry’s Cara Delevingne backpack in faux suede – inside

Other obvious differences are things like the piping. I prefer mine going all the way to the top but then it’s easier to reduce fabric bulk than leather. I missed off the charm tag attached to the address label thing on the bag back. I might add something next time if I feel like it.


My version of Mulberry’s Cara Delevingne backpack in faux suede – flat

As I am using fabric I needed something to give the flap a more realistic feel weight-wise and helping to keep its shape without too much bulk and I tried Vilene Decovil 1 from U-Handbag for the first time. It worked really well.


My version of Mulberry’s Cara Delevingne backpack in faux suede – side

Fabrics: Dress weight blue faux suede. Daisy print polycotton for the lining.

Notions. Medium weight iron on interfacing. Iron on batting. Vilene Decovil 1. Gutermann sew all polyester thread and top stitch thread. Antique brass tone hardware [1 x postman lock, 1 set of 4 bag feet, 2 x 18mm buckles and keepers, 3 x D-rings, 4 x 20mm swivel clips and two x 20mm triglide buckles and about a couple of metres of 20mm navy webbing. Navy ordinary zip for internal pocket

What I learned: I can’t quilt properly and I have no machine tensioning skills :/  I’m pretty good at pattern making though. This bag was made up from first draft! 😀


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