I would love to be able to buy the handbags I like but sadly I just don’t have the money for luxuries like that, LOL! One tote bag I would love to have is the Victoria Beckham Liberty Tote I can’t afford one. So I had a go at making my own pattern. It’s not a perfect copy by any means but it was fun having a go and I’ll tweak it when I make the next one.

This bag is also a fangirl project. I adore 김준수 and his album ‘Incredible’.


I used printable fabric to make the pieces for the purse [I love Photoshop] and covered them with clear PVC. Top stitched the front and back.

My player & headphones fit in it beautifully. 🙂

The tote was a challenge. A steep learning curve in bag planning and making.

With hand painting I couldn’t get nice sharp lines without bleeding on the canvas so I had to approach that a different way. Getting the painted panels to match up wasn’t easy but was worth the effort. Top stitched.

The 3D butterflies came together first time and I’m really pleased with them. Using the thin aluminium from a  coke can sandwiched between the fabrics means I can bend the wings to an angle I like.

The lettering was hand cut from fabric and appliquéd back to front on clear PVC and that went over the canvas shell. So the butterflies and the lettering cast shadows onto the canvas base which looks cool. 😀

Lined and there’s a simple slot pocket.

I am proud of this bag. And it’s held up beautifully in London during Christmas shopping and at a Comic Con.

Fabrics: Plain unbleached medium weight canvas. Printable fabric A4 sheets. Plain coloured cottons. White cotton lining. Clear PVC.

Notions: Medium weight iron on interfacing Guttermann Sew All polyester threads. Dylon Fabric paints.

I learned: Fabric painting, fabric printing. Pattern making. Making my own design elements – the butterflies.


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